Precise Flow Measurement for the Food and Beverage Sector  

Titan Enterprises is a major provider of precision flow measurement apparatus to the food and drink industry. Flow measurement is broadly recognized as a crucial tool for beverage and food makers seeking to control surgeries such as filling of vessels, dimension of liquid components, and controlling cleansing procedures.

For all these and other flow measurement surgeries, Titan delivers a variety of flow meters comprising NSF certificate to be used within food and drink production centers. Titan Enterprises maintains certificate under NSF169 as gear for food items due to their 800 Series turbine flow meters and drink yards. This certificate is particularly crucial for producers of food manufacturing and managing machines who will currently set up these flow meters protected in the knowledge that they fulfill NSF-standards for food production.

Titan Enterprises drink flow meter is designed particularly for precise metering of reduced viscosity beverages such as wine, coffee, beers, spirits, and soft beverages.

Depending upon a particular Pelton wheel layout, Titan Enterprises 800 Series flow meters are inherently trustworthy and proven in thousands of installations across the globe. In the heart of every drink flow meter is a precision Pelton wheel turbine which moves freely on strong sapphire bearings and comprises over-molded magnets which are detected via the chamber wall with a Hall effect sensor. The output by Titan’s 800 Series flow meters is a flow of NPN stimulation which are directly interfaced with PLCs or a digital screen. This mix of technology and materials ensures that a long-life merchandise with reliable operation during.

Along with its NSF accredited flow yards, Titan Enterprises can also be experienced in providing optimized flow meters for tracking the stream of viscous food level fluids like cream, chocolate, and syrups.

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