Liquid Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine flow meters are cost-effective and offer reliable, measurement with minimal flow meter maintenance required.

Turbine flow meters are devices that use axial turbines so as to gauge the flow of fluids. Nowthere are a variety of different ways that these devices can be categorized, especially when considering flow meters and other fluid flow measurements.

There are two main flow meter classes, mass flow meters and volumetric, and these are separated by how the device measures the flow; either mass per unit time or volume per unit time. Within both of these categories live sub-categories that are categorized based on the design of the meter and the way it makes measurements. These include pressure-based meters, optical flow meters, mechanical flow meters, and a number of other categories.

Mass Flow meters for all industrial flow measurement. Coriolis mass flow meters and Thermal mass flow meters.

Coriolis Mass flowmeters are excellent for liquid flow measuring applications.

And Thermal Mass flowmeters are for compressed gas applications. Thermal mass flow meters are available in types of in-line, insertion, and distant mount transmitter

Liquid Turbine Flow Meters

Obviously, the most important part of a turbine flow meter is the axial turbine which is often found at the middle of the pipe. As the gas or liquid flows through the pipe it makes contact with the axial turbine which absorbs some of the energy of the flow into its blades. The pace at which the turbine blades are spinning is used to find out the rate of flow. The faster the flow, the faster the blades will be spinning, and whether the flow is moving slowly, then the blades will spin slowly.

Turbine flow meters can be found in a variety of materials to be able to fit numerous applications and business requirements.

Non-corrosives are a popular alternative as they increase the lifespan of the turbine, particularly if they are involved in an application where corrosive or volatile fluids are present. These flow meters are used in a wide range of industries and applications from fire protection to easy water distribution. They are generally found within large industrial uses and water utilities which make the most of these meters because they are easy to use, provide an accurate flow measurement and most importantly, they are affordable.

It is important to consult a dependable turbine flow meter manufacturer to determine the right type of flow meter for your application. Knowing the application and turbine flow meters is important to finding a solution that will meet your specifications and expectations.