AW-Lake Introduces EDGE Family of Flow Electronics 

Once installed to a flow meter, the EDGE electronics may induce the detector to output a frequency or analog signal output for increased flexibility when compared with readout control or equipment chambers. Modbus output additionally adds system compatibility for more complex operations.

A Bluetooth mobile program supports advanced signal processing, enabling users to track and application flow meters by a smartphone which functions a hand-held screen. Mobile and PC-based programs streamline setup, setup, and troubleshooting. With fundamental scaling and innovative functions, the user friendly application allows for distant correction of non-linear stream meters to maintain a linear analog outputsignal.

The EDGE household of flow transmitters comprises:

An affordable alternative to your PLC card, the EDGE Converter alters detector frequency to voltage and current analog outputs for use in process monitoring, data acquisition and just about any program having to send an analog signal to some PLC.. Modules are outfitted with Bluetooth-enabled mobile program for wireless programming and setup from a table or smartphone.
EDGE Flow Sensor: This local-mount detector easily installs on stream meters to offer a frequency, present or analog signal for increased process flexibility. A Bluetooth mobile program empowers flow meter programming and monitoring in the ease of a smartphone. The mobile program also supports fundamental scaling and innovative functions, responding when circumstances go out-of-tolerance to assist control procedures. Utilizing the cell program, users may flip into a smartphone or tablet into a wireless stream monitor which is employed at the palm of the hands! Bluetooth connectivity enables users to see readings and correct speed, complete, reset, sloop style, or time onto a wise device. Bluetooth applications support scaling and complex capabilities, such as distant correction of non-linear flow meters to maintain a linear analog output.
“We assembled the EDGE household of circulation transmitters to boost flow meter procedures through greater scalability, stability and flexibility,” explains Mark Iverson, AW-Lake overall supervisor. “Utilizing our EDGE products, businesses can convert their yards to smart devices and allow remote monitoring and control out of a smartphone, that’s the mainstay of this day.

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