Wireless Flow Totalizer from SignalFire Provides Field Display of Flow Rates and Totals from Flow Meters

HUDSON, MA — August 28, 2017 — SignalFire Wireless Telemetry presents a brand new Intrinsically Safe Wireless Flow Totalizer that links to industry-standard inductive turbine flow meters (including the AW-Lake TW Turbine) to quantify, locally screen, wirelessly transmit, and also archive measurements. Info and diagnostics can be found locally with the screen in addition to remotely by a SignalFire Gateway utilizing Modbus conventional protocol.
Improving existing or new turbine yards with wireless information management capacities, the SignalFire Flow Totalizer is perfect when an operator should check flow levels or totals as well as monitoring information in a SCADA system. By way of instance, when offloading a tank, then a local tech may use the Wireless Flow Totalizer to quantify before/after levels of pumped fluid. Utilizing an external pushbutton, employees can cycle via a backlit LCD screen to become suitable readings for stream and complete.

Scott Keller, founder and general director of SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, notes”We made the Wireless Flow Totalizer to readily fit on conventional turbine type meters to record daily stream amounts, minimizing complicated programming from the system integrator.”

With a built-in user-configurable, real time clock to get everyday charge hour setting, the Flow Totalizer keeps an inner thirty-day log of daily flow totals for historic analysis or backup storage. Components are battery-powered for extended life (5years) and need no external power source.

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