KROHNE Introduces FLEXMAG 4050C Electromagnetic Flow Meter

KROHNE, Inc. declares the FLEXMAG 4050 C, that the initial electromagnetic flowmeter using biocompatible semi automatic flow tube especially designed for single usage biopharmaceutical applications, such as filtration procedures, chromatography, or buffer and press planning. Featuring very large precision and factory calibration which eliminates the requirement for in-situ calibration, the FLEXMAG 4050 C involves a biocompatible and gamma sterilizable disposable flow tube.
As an electromagnetic meter, the FLEXMAG 4050 C won’t float over time. It gives an entirely secure, accurate and direct volumetric flow measurement, unaffected by fluid attributes like colour or density.

The only use flow route tubes are gamma sterilizable in 25. .

The FLEXMAG 4050 C leak tube employs one barb fitting which satisfies biopharmaceutical needs for adaptation to both single use methods. The tubing’s full-bore structure is made for minimum hold-up quantity without obstruction, and also the only barb fitting is acceptable for braided in addition to non-braided hoses.

Disposable single use flow tubes are packaged with double sealed individual components, along with the transmitter can accommodate two distinct flow tubes dimensions. This provides end users the flexibility to manage two separate flow ranges simply by exchanging the tube — without needing to re-calibrate.

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