In-line Flow Meters for Pure Water Dispensing

Titan Enterprises are supplying in-line flow meters for dispensing fluids like pure water for almost 40 decades. Nowadays, this kind of flow apparatus can fulfil crucial functions in measuring the speed of flow and quantity of water in regions such as lab water purification methods, semiconductor cleaning procedures, and at an increasing number of pharmaceutical uses.

In these programs, contamination of the pure water has to be avoided. As a result, it’s vital that any flow apparatus is assembled from sterile materials that may not contaminate the fluids being quantified.

Its’ totally non-metallic wetted parts make this the perfect selection for highly repeatable dispensing (+/- 0.1percent ) of pure water. The bearings of this 800-Series flow meter are made from sapphire for extended life and dependability, the human body is discharged from inert PVDF to make sure there’s not any contamination to some fluid passing through it.

To get ultra-pure water dispensing software, clean bore apparatus like the Atrato or Metraflow ultrasonic in-line stream metersare the apparatus of choice. Both the Atrato and Metraflow have no internal moving components, relying upon patented ultrasonic time-of-flight dimension to totalize the stream with excellent precision over quite wide flow ranges (0.002 to 20 g / minute).

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