High pressure flowmeter for offshore oil and gas industry

The Pulsite Solo from Titan Enterprises is a very low cost, electronic speed and total screen indicator that’s flexible to match any flow and speed measurement software throughout the manufacturing industry.

Requiring no external power, the streamlined Pulsite Solo has numerous mounting possibilities and may be configured to some flow component. Programming on the Pulsite Solo is fast and easy using only the two front panel keys and following the prompts on the LCD screen.

Battery powered and made to signify an assortment of pulse inputsignal, such as spiral, reed switch and logic, so the Pulsite Solo will require frequencies up to 2 KHz and scale them to exhibit total or rate. This flexible index may also be dc powered if needed for use with digital sensors.

Accessible as a plank and surface mounted device, the IP64 compliant Pulsite Solo is a dependable and long-term screen unit known across a vast array of operating environments. When solely powered with the replaceable battery, the Pulsite Solo can function in excess of five years when utilized as a flow totalizer. As an electronic flow rate measuring tool, the battery lifetime of this Pulsite Solo is based on the duty cycle but may nevertheless offer many years of performance.

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