Flowmeter for Applications Requiring a High Degree of Cleanliness

The Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter in Titan Enterprises provides an perfect solution for stream tracking applications requiring a high level of cleanliness for example can be present in the pharmaceutical, medical, semiconductor and ultra-pure water niches.

Typically production procedures in such markets need flow measurement apparatus capable to deal with low flow rates and structure from ultra-pure substances in order to maintain sterile, sterile, and sanitary problems.

The only clean bore dimension tubing structure of this Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter which makes it perfect for just about any application where cleanliness is more crucial. Employing patented ultrasonic technology, using one unbroken measurement tube, the Metraflow is a noninvasive device with excellent precision (calibrated to +/- 1.0% reading) and repeatability across stream ranges from 20 to 5000 ml/min.

The Metraflow utilizes Titan Enterprises patented transit time ultrasonic technologies to accurately measure liquid travel via a PFA flow tube. The compact integrated digital, screen, and detector package provides exceptional performance in one assembly. Functional and computer connections are different, allowing interface and setting tracking during regular operation via the Titan Interface Software. The components, time base, set points, and digital and analog presses can be placed via the USB connector. The flexible software system also empowers user configuration of different parameters like flow alerts, cut off amounts, as well as datalogging.

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